Umm Ok, Take Care…

You ripped my heart open with your fat fingers
Still I decreed that you were the king of romance
Renounce your throne, oh merciless one

You suffocated my hopes with your bitter words
Still I declared that you were a beautiful poet
Declare your pen a sword and burn it within the flames of truth

You took back every rose you bestowed upon me
Still I swore you were the sultan of dreams
Disrobe and drown your shimmering robes

You crashed and smashed all that was sacred
Still I believed you to be my one and only
Shred to bits your promises and swallow them whole

(21st Feb ’14)

© R. Homburg


Quiet days of mind wanderings 
The aching passage of time 
Beauty in small fragments of life

In the drawing of breath 
Shape of a branch or wisp of a wing
Blissful arch of loneliness

Old paper beneath fingertips
How my heart beats and swells 
Reading words from the past

A love like swirling, indigo sea
In the depths of a crimson afternoon
So… have you forgotten me?

(17th Feb ’14)

© R. Homburg


Oh stress!
With your ever-arching brow
You are my constant excuse
My mutterings through time

You have been with me always
Straggling through days
Whittling away my skin
Cortisol stretching my veins

Work grinding down teeth
Mind-numbing fatigue
Must-do, must-see, must-be
Where is truth, where is me?

I need wistful repose
Thoughts that curl downwards
An ocean swirling in my soul
Fingers against harp strings
Never to be rattled within

(29th June ’13)

© R. Homburg

Star Dust

Why fret, my child?
We’re all ending up as star dust anyway
When the human hand lies dormant
The trees will grow, giant and moss-laden once more
The great silence of extinction shall haunt the forests
Until the quiet creatures slowly return
To fill the night with their solemn growls and run
Through moonlit grasses, unhindered and fearless
Your small life matters not
So why fret, my child?  

(10th Sept ’13)

© R. Homburg


Agonising, sleepless sharp breath
Annoyances cutting deep
I cannot feel your face anymore

Then tonight, a sudden remembrance
Kind words; a gentle heart
Closeness I had ripped apart with
Dangerous and twisted imaginings

Proportions blown big
Now whittled down
Into the small clasp of your hands

(27th Feb ’13)

© R. Homburg


You occupy every aspect
Of my mind
Thinking of anything
Else is impossible
You are there

in every thought
every moment
every angle
every word

I want to be rid of you
Shake this salt from my bed
Pretend we never met
I am caught in
A melancholic mess
I should break away and leave
But I am already completely
Addicted to you


© R. Homburg